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Battle of Dawn

The day of darkness.

No light appeared.

This day of dark.

All had feared.

Into even the brightest hearts.

Darkness speared.

Awakened old forgotten fears.

Swarms of terror ran about.

Light and dark would fight it out.

They toed the line face to face.

On this Earth the battle did grace.

To and fro round after round.

Both opponents scorched the ground.

The light then struck a mortal blow.

Death from light the darkness sowed.

Light regained the celestial throne.

And stars gave light a heavenly crown.

~Travis M. Persons July 2013~

Canton Jones

Come sei bella, amica mia, come sei bella! I tuoi occhi sono colombe. Come sei bello, mio diletto, quanto grazioso! Anche il nostro letto è verdeggiante.
Beloved to Beloved <3 1:15-16

Faith: Acclamation and Proclamation

LORD, this day, I put my Trust and Faith in you, for you are my Shield and Buckler and the Fortress, in which, I run into.

LORD, I have Faith in you, because you are my JehovahJireh, for you are my, undeniable and reliable Provider.

LORD, I, claim, this day, that you are in control; for you are my JehovahNissi, just as you were to Moses, Aaron and Hur; My Banner I will wave for evermore.

LORD, I speak Peace into this current situation, for I know that you are the Prince of MY Peace throughout all issues, no matter the severity, JehovahShalom.

LORD, I proclaim that you are the Way, the Truth and the Life, because you are the same yesterday, today and ‘FOREVER’; MY Ha Derech, Ha Emet, Ha Chayim, Way, Truth and Life.

LORD, I know beyond a shadow of doubt and am persuaded that you are able to do exceedingly above whatever I could ever ask or think; because you are my Aleph V’Tav, My Alpha and Omega the First and the Last; the ‘ONE’ that is and is to come.

LORD, For I ‘BELIEVE’ and speak into existence that you are ‘NOT’ just the God of our Fathers Abraham, Issac and Jacob to me for you are the ‘I AM’. For you are ‘NOT’ just the God that was ‘BUT’ you are the God of ‘NOW’ and the ‘GOD’ that will come to pass.

LORD, You are my dearly beloved, Abba Father, and I stand firmly on your Word, the Rock of My Salvation, believing and proclaiming that you ‘WILL’ supply all of my needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus and that we are more than conquers through ‘YOU’ that loves us and that you will ‘NEVER’ leave us ‘NOR’ forsake us. Just as the Psalmist David wrote, “For a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand…IT SHALL NOT COME NIGH THEE!

As the Hart panteth after the water brook so my heart panteth after you o LORD.

Your Daughter and Doulos, Kayla Persons

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